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Zuev Dmitry Vyacheslavovich.

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The product NOLTREX is a new joint lubricant of European quality that allows to significantly improve the life of patients with osteoarthritis. It allows correcting the viscosity of the synovial fluid that was lost as a result of the disease, and thus it helps to reduce articular cartilage degeneration. The hydrogel is relatively convenient to use, but it should be noted that it has a sufficiently high density and its administration under the supervision of a veterinarian is carried out for 15-20 seconds, which in some cases requires sedation of the patient. It is possible to periodically introduce this viscous prosthesis in dogs with chronic osteoarthrosis (1-2 times in 6-12 months). With the help of Noltreх, the pain syndrome is suppressed and the motor function of the joint is restored, which greatly improves the quality of life of patients. The use of Noltrex is justified from an economic point of view against the backdrop of costly surgical intervention.