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With the viscous prosthesis "Noltrex" my colleagues and I have been working for more than 5 years.

We repeatedly applied it in different situations, when the lameness of the horse is a consequence of the articular pathology. This allowed us to accumulate some experience and determine the patterns, when from its application one should expect the greatest efficiency. It is necessary to say at once that in the treatment of lameness in horses accompanied by degenerative pathologies of the joints, we apply a comprehensive approach.

Use of Noltrex is usually the final stage of treatment, preceded by anti-inflammatory therapy and the use of intra-articular chondroprotectors. The scheme of treatment of horses with acute lameness is as follows: first we introduce a chondroprotective drug with hyaluronic acid and an anti-inflammatory component (deposited steroids), which aims to extinguish the inflammatory process. After 10-20 days, we inject Noltrex, pre-injecting into the joint cavity a little anesthetic and steroids of short action, which should prevent possible pain syndrome, which the manufacturer warns about.

By the way, in none of the cases with Noltrex application according to this scheme we observed pain syndrome or other anxiety of the animal, or a nonspecific reaction from the joint.

With planned preventive actions on a horse that has chronic degenerative joint changes, but is not limping at the moment, the treatment scheme is similar, but without the use of deposited steroids.

For one of my old patients, horses with pronounced degenerative carpal osteoarthritis, I apply Noltrex twice a year, giving it 10-14 days of light work after injection, and the horse is able to carry athletic loads without long interruptions for treatment and without lameness.

In our experience, the best cases for use of Noltrex are when articular pathology is accompanied by a narrowing of the joint gap, including with the already existing cartilage damage and arthrosis bone changes, with arthrolytes present. In this case Noltrex, due to its physical properties, allows to achieve the maximum effect of "spreading" the articular surfaces, which are inflammed and irritated, also mechanically protecting the joint in this way. This eliminates the constant irritant, breaking the vicious circle of "trauma - inflammation - trauma", which is very favorable for the result of treatment.

We injected Noltrex into different joints: ungulate, coronary, hock, carpal, knee. Large joints had to use a larger amount of the drug. In some cases, the introduction had to be repeated. The maximum number of injections introduced is 4 times, for a horse with large ungulate arthritis, whose owners did not have the possibility of surgical treatment. The positive effect was achieved, the horse runs and returned to the sporting load.